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 Cameroon Choir (CamChoir): 2004 to 2016

CamChoir musical group

Cameroon Choir, popularly known as CamChoir is a choral group that was founded more than a decade ago by Catholic Christians who shared a common heritage as immigrants from Cameroon. This choir has since become a melting spot of people who love to sing and most especially are devoted to praising God in song and dance. Membership is therefore not restricted to only immigrants. 

Cameroon Choir is known for providing Catholic Christians in the Metro area an opportunity to relive memories of home with soul-searching as well as very moving worship songs with Cameroonian and/or African roots every 3rd Sunday of the month. Many Christians seeking to journey back home in their worship and prayers come to St Peter Claver in St Paul to celebrate God's words in songs, drumming and dancing. The spiritually uplifting songs enriches worship, sets the church dancing away, and sends parishioners home with melodies on their lips.

CamChoir's fame has grown beyond the spiritual bounds of SPC as they've been invited to sing the American National Anthem at the Twins Game, make regular annual appearances at Fort-Snelling Chapel every winter, Cameroonian events, etc. You can sometimes meet and enjoy their presence at 4:30 Masses at the Basilica of St Mary, Minneapolis. 

CamChoir Ladies
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